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Online Testing Center Pilot

Author: Troy Rutter

**In order to continue to offer online testing services to as many faculty and students as possible we are introducing the following guidelines for testing center utilization on a pilot basis for Spring 2015:**

1.      Any instructor wishing to use the Online Testing Center for mid-term and or final exams during Spring semester 2015 must make their request to the Center by no later than January 26, 2015 (the 10th day of class).  Late requests should be made to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and may not be approved.  Classes that are offered purely online are exempt from this requirement.

2.     Instructors of classes with enrollment larger than 50 students are expected to limit the number of attempts allowed for final exams to a maximum of 3, and are encouraged to strongly consider a limit of 2.

3.     Dates for mid-term exams must be coordinated with the Testing Center to avoid multiple large exams on the same dates.

4.     It is likely that final exams using the Testing Center will be scheduled for specific hours and days, and possibly testing sites, during the Spring 2015 final exam week.  A decision on scheduling details will be made by February 6, 2015, and all instructors will be notified at that time. 

5.     Instructors who plan to use the Online Testing Center for Final Exams should include a notice in their Spring 2015 syllabus that the final exam is likely to be scheduled for specific hours and days, and that students should plan to be available to take final exams through Friday of final exam week.